Hidden vs Exposed – Plumbing And Gas Boiler Replacement Pipes

Plumbers have to care about looks. It’s true. The aesthetics of a completed job is important. They have to care what the end goal looks like. They have to care because their customers care, of course.

That being said, one of the most popular requests that plumbers receive is that the pipe work that they lay is hidden from public view and any gas boiler replacement pipes are placed out of site.

Like the wires that are tangled behind the tv set…that stuff has to stay hidden and unexposed.

This is because most people don’t really enjoy walking into a kitchen or bathroom and seeing pipes all over the place.

However, there is a catch.

There are a lot of pros and cons regarding both sides of the fence, as well as a rather simple and affordable compromise that can be made in order to please both sides.



Hidden pipes

It goes without saying that hidden pipes are the preferred choice for homeowners, and professional Plumbing contractors have to deal with these requests all the time.

The idea is that the pipes and general pipework is hidden behind a wall, in such a way that it is incredibly hard to tell that there is a whole mess of pipes behind it.

Indeed, this is the more aesthetic option, however the main disadvantage is that it makes it virtually impossible to combat the effects that the passing of time has on pipes.

Whether we like it or not, pipes will need regular maintenance and they will also every now and again break down, requiring the intervention of a pro plumber.

Having the pipes hidden behind a wall makes it harder to see if there are leaks or drips as well as inspecting the overall condition of the pipes. If leaks do occur, water will build up, moisture will slip through the cracks and there will be water damage that you will have to deal with.

Not to mention the fact that the piece of wall covering the pipes in question will need to be torn down in order to access the pipes.

This adds further expense and overall discomfort for the sake of aesthetics.

Exposed pipes

Exposed pipes are rather common in service areas, low cost living arrangements and other such establishments.

Over time this concept became increasingly undesirable, mainly because of the fact that every time a person went to the bathroom or kitchen, he or she would have to deal with seeing the exposed pipes.

The advantage here is that the pipes can be inspected with ease regularly, leaks can be fixed immediately, any and all work done to the pipes is a lot easier, a lot cheaper and a lot more efficient.

The disadvantage is the fact that the end result is not the most aesthetically pleasing of results.

The pipes themselves, the repair work, the patches, the corrosion, everything that happens to pipes will be out in the open for all to see.



A better solution

The exposed v.s. hidden pipes debate is one that plumbers are more than familiar with, however there is a way to actually compromise efficiently and please both sides of the fence.

Recently, in US, construction and renovation businesses have started offering fake coverings.

Think of them like the false bottom of a chest or a drawer, but for pipes.

These fake covers look and act like a wall, but they are actually either a cover or a door with interior hinges that can be opened and the pipes can be checked, maintained and fixed without any issues.

This makes a plumber’s job a lot easier and it helps with the overall look and feel of the room in question by hiding the pipes.

In conclusion

When it comes down to it, it will be your decision what to go for.

Have the pipes integrated in the wall, have them exposed, use a false cover, or even come up with your own solution.

Just keep in mind that making things easier for local plumbers and still keeping the aesthetics intact is possible, and can often be a very elegant and pleasing option.

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