What Are The Best Places For Electrical Lighting In Your Home?

What Are The Best Places For Electrical Lighting In Your Home?

Your home’s electric wiring and layout might not be something that you think about very often. So long as you get power when you plug something in or flip switches on, you likely just take it for granted. However, there might be times you need to stop and think about what the best places are for electrical lighting in your home.

This issue can come up anytime you are designing a new home to be built or considering renovations to do to a pre-existing home you have bought. Likewise, if you are currently in a home, you might look into it when recovering from a disaster, doing remodeling, finishing a basement, or adding on to your home.

Having electrical lighting installed into the home itself saves you precious surface space because you don’t have to use floor lamps or table and counter models. Whether it’s something installed into the ceiling, wall-mounted as a sconce or over a mirror or window, or just a bulb hanging from a ceiling fan, keep reading to learn what places likely will need electrical lighting in your home:

The Kitchen: Central ceiling lighting is crucial here because most wall space is taken up by cabinetry or windows, and any counter space needs to be saved for storing or preparing food.

Bathrooms: Wall-mounted lighting above the mirror is a common choice and helps you see yourself clearly as you get ready for the world you’re about to head out into.

Living Rooms And Bedrooms: These are the rooms most likely to have lamps, but a center light under a ceiling fan is useful to have.

Dining Rooms: You’re not likely to have room on tables for lights or even in corners, which could make the light imbalanced. A good chandelier in the center sets the tone for food and family or friends.

Closets, Attics, And Utility Rooms: It’s somewhat traditional for there to be a single bulb in the middle of the ceiling, perhaps with a pull chain, but if you have a lot of stuff in these spaces, it might not be so easy to reach. Consider a light switch at the door to help yourself out.

The Garage: This is one space that doesn’t typically need romantic ambience or even enough light for comfortable reading. You just need enough light to get in and out of your vehicle. Central lighting in the ceiling makes a lot of sense here, since your walls might be filled with storage. Motion-activated lights also make a lot of sense, although having a second smaller source of illumination near any steps is a good safety precaution which can be installed here at Website- Electrician Brisbane

It’s good to have at least one electrical lighting source in each room even if you choose to have lamps and other light sources that fit with your decor. It gives you a source of illumination even when nothing else is in a room.

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